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Meet Duncan Richardson

Owner and Chief Instructor at
World Martial Arts in Boise
5th Degree Black Belt

Duncan Richardson is the Chief Master Instructor at World Martial Arts in Boise, Idaho. Duncan has been teaching martial arts for over 20 years, and studying for over 3 decades, Master Duncan Richardson has become known by his peers and colleagues as a master innovator. His extensive background knowledge in teaching, training, and business is captivating.

Funneling information from bio-mechanical engineering, boxing, wrestling, sport fitness training, and various martial arts including Taekwondo, Kali, and Jiu Jitsu, Master Richardson developed an iron clad curriculum. He is always bringing positive and motivating ways to develop students mentally and physically.

Master Richardson began his training in 1978 at the age of 4 years old. Inspired by his father, who is also a Black Belt, Master Richardson chose to devote his life to bettering himself and the lives of others.

Master Richardson began his teaching career in 1992. Being a dynamic instructor and talented competitor, he inspired hundreds of students. Winning tournament after tournament throughout the northwest, he decided to try his hand at Olympic Style Taekwondo competition. In this arena, Master Richardson earned several Gold and Silver medals in forms and sparring in many state championships as well as other large tournaments, such as the UC Open and US Nationals. Master Richardson has also competed in international competition such as the Pan American Open (Gold Medal), and the Dutch Open.

“Innovating a better way” has always been Master Richardson's motto. He continues to find ways to develop his martial arts curriculum so students are left with a complete education. Master Richardson developed a curriculum that is quite unique compared to most martial art schools around the country. “Most martial arts instructors believe there is only one way, and it's usually their way that is correct”, says Master Richardson. He also goes on to explain that this is the greatest disservice we can provide to our students.

Master Richardson's “Rotating Curriculum” allows students to not only learn the ancient art of Taekwondo, but also other arts such as Kali, Jiu Jitsu, the sport aspect of Taekwondo, and modern self-defense. Aside from a curriculum that is diverse in its approach, Master Richardson's school is sought out by his entire community because of his infusion of character development into the program.

Residing in Boise, Idaho with his beautiful wife, Rachel, and 4 children, he continues to train like a warrior everyday developing his mind, body and spirit. Master Richardson has made a commitment to live life to the fullest, and lead by example to ensure everyone he meets is infected with the inspiration to learn and grow.

World Martial Arts in Boise, ID, founded in 1998, is a multi-faceted, state of the art training facility that caters to students of all ages. Spend a day with us and you'll see our center is hopping from 5:50 am until 8 pm with an array of programs laid out by the vision of Duncan and Rachel Richardson.

“To create the ultimate, multi-faceted facility that promotes life longevity vibrancy, health, fitness, and character through motion.” That was the dream of local martial arts and fitness instructors- Duncan & Rachel Richardson. The dream was created when Duncan and Rachel realized that Boise was missing a facility that strengthens the human body, while also promoting family involvement.

Duncan & Rachel began changing people's lives in the early 90's by offering programs beyond the traditional martial arts curriculums. They branched out and captured an audience for adult exercise and martial arts, summer camp programs, and special children's activities.

At World Martial Arts in Boise, Idaho, you're going to find that Duncan and Rachel, and the entire staff, to be down to earth, excited individuals, who feel it is their responsibility to provide the best experience possible. We would love for you to come be part of our Martial Arts family here in Boise. Whether you are looking for a Kids Martial Arts class, Adult Martial Arts class, or a Fitness Kickboxing class, we have something for you! Sign-up right here on our site today or give us a call at the facility at (208) 381-0587. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

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